What is covered by a commercial inspection?

The inspection covers the entire business property, excluding any areas that are inaccessible or not reasonably inspectable. It encompasses the foundation, electrical system, plumbing fixtures, drains, water supplies, heating and air conditioning equipment, roof, attic, and crawlspaces. Optionally, additional features like sprinkler systems, swimming pools, and outbuildings can also be inspected.

Is it necessary to inspect a new business property?

Absolutely. Even in the case of new business properties, an inspection is essential. The rapid construction pace of new properties sometimes results in inadequate supervision. Common defects such as initial foundation issues, gas leaks, improper equipment installation, and missing flashings can be identified through inspections.

What do cracks in business property walls signify?

The significance of cracks depends on their type and width. Minor cracks in brick mortar and sheetrock are generally normal, often caused by the building’s settling due to soil movement. However, cracks could also indicate the need for foundation repairs. It’s advisable to have any cracks assessed by a professional inspector.

How long should an inspection take?

Inspection time can vary depending on the number of problems that the house has. In general and inspection should take approximately 1 hour per one thousand square feet.

When should I schedule a commercial inspection?

Usually, a business inspection is requested after contract negotiations are complete. In some cases, an inspection might be necessary to determine if pursuing a contract is worthwhile, but this requires the seller’s consent. Since inspection companies are often busy, it’s recommended to call right after the contract is accepted. At Stafford Inspections, the average waiting time for an inspection is 5-7 days. Additionally, ensure that your contract allows ample time to secure the inspector of your choice.

How long does a business inspection usually take?

The person who is purchasing the inspection will pay under most conditions. (This is usually the buyer.)

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

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