What are Phase Inspections?

Phase Inspections are composed of (3) inspections.

First: the prepour inspection—The pre-pour inspection involves inspecting the preparations and reinforcement for the structure prior to pouring the foundation.

The foundation supports the house and once the concrete is poured and set, problems with reinforcement, plumbing and electrical cannot be changed easily.

Second: The pre-drywall inspection looks at the framing, rough electrical, rough plumbing, rough HVAC, window, and door installation. All of the house components that will be covered by the drywall when installed.

Again many deficiencies will be covered by the wall covering if not identified and repaired prior to the drywall being installed.

Third: The Final inspection operates all of the mechanical equipment, finish electrical, finish plumbing and the HVAC equipment. All appliances are inspected at this time.

Also available is the one-year new home warranty inspection. This inspection is designed to look for any deficiencies in the house that have developed during the first year of occupation.

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